Intero translates to “whole” or “entire” in Italian.

Italian cuisine is rooted in necessity and gratitude towards every ingredient, driving the idea behind what we do and what we strive to provide to our guests. Focused on utilizing locally raised “entire” animals and locally farmed “whole” produce, we embrace traditional Italian techniques and cooking sensibilities from a sustainable, contemporary approach by highlighting the seasonality of Texas ingredients, bringing you innovative yet familiar dishes.

On the sweet side, Italy was the first country to create chocolate as we appreciate it today, and commonly using it as an ingredient in savory dishes as well. Intero offers an authentic Italian touch and a nod to this rich history through our artisan chocolate case, displayed as you enter, along with specialty dessert menu offerings. All hand-crafted in house, guests can experience a variety of truffles, barks, and sipping chocolates in classic Italian, and unique flavors.

Ian Thurwachter & Krystal Craig

Born and raised in Austin, husband and wife duo, Chef Ian Thurwachter & Chocolatier Krystal Craig sought to share their love of Italian cuisine and their combined knowledge of savory and sweet. Both self-taught in their professions, each attributes the inspiration of their work to influences they had growing up. Bringing together over 35 years of collective experience in the food and restaurant industry, along with the talents of many friends and family, the couple opened Intero together in 2018.

Ian Thurwachter & Krystal Craig

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